User Reviews For: Pretending to Be a Boring 40 Something [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Loserfairy Rating
There is the making of a really good story in here that gets put on the backburner for smut. It wraps up too quickly without a satisfying conclusion to the conflict, which just leaves me wishing the author had been given the opportunity to make this a two volume story. There is some dubcon and some noncon in the form of an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend so be warned. I wanted to love this, but it really left me disappointed. Still a vey decent rental as long as you don't get your hopes up for a fully fleshed out story.
Fairy231 Rating
Loserfairy summed it up pretty nicely. I'm only giving this two stars because of the art. The story started out promising, but it turned into a cliche where we find out that the uke/bottom had been unfairly punishing himself for things that he is not at fault for, and the seme/top swoops in to save him by... not really doing much other than just being the assigned seme of the story. What really turned me off was the way the uke was physically hurt (like, he needs to go to the doctor for that) but treats it as if it's not a big deal. This will end up as a short-term rental for me.
HorseObsessed Rating
I did actually really like this story, but, it does need to be fleshed out. I Love the artwork! 4 Stars for the artwork. There could've/should've been more. In the Afterward the author says that there is another Chapter that was released in paperback & only available until July 31, 2018! *AAHH* *SIIIGH* We need it released on Renta, PLEASE?! WE NEED TO READ THE END, PLEASE?! I think it would complete & maybe flesh out the story more. ;()
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