User Reviews For: Sweet Bite Marks [VertiComix]


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Nuria74 Rating
I loved he is in love ? the history and drama is very good, the carathers they have funny parts ?. I can not wit for the next episode.
renus0123 Rating
it was awesome I really like the characters and it's very good
Dragonmomma3 Rating
Ohhhhh Wow. Love this so much and can't wait to see more. I just started reading and couldn't stop. Wow Just an amazing story and just everything. I'm on my edge of my seat to see more.
animeangel Rating
I love this series. Love the vamp aspect, the love angst of the 2 characters, the drama around every turn. The female lead is righteous and good hearted and tough thou she could b a little tougher. The male lead is hmm u learn to love him. He comes off very rough, arrogant and a brute but then u see other aspects to him and see y he is that way. But who doesn't love an assertive, possessive man thats sexy lol.
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