User Reviews For: Keeping a Freeloader [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!- Only Bonus]


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GrimLuciel Rating
First story was actually really cute!!! The second story is straight up sibling incest tho so uh...kinda ruined it for me esp cause the first one was so cute.
eightyroses Rating
I regretted buying this as soon as I got to the second story. Not gonna lie, I don't mind the incest but what the older brother does to the younger one is NOT okay. I finished it to see the “happy ending” but I still didn't like it. First story was alright, comedic and sort of sad. Kind of cute, wouldn't say fluffy. Smut is okay. I'd only reread the first one, but I'd recommend just renting this one if you're gonna go for it.
angelfeathers Rating
This was pretty good! Not quite where I expected things to go based on the cover but not totally jarring.First couple is cute (and super dependent on each other.) I love Hajime's look!! For the second couple I feel like I didn't get enough set-up to enjoy them as much so I didn't feel much of anything though I liked their designs... The flow of dialogue is kinda so-so sometimes in both but I still had a generally good time.FYI there is non-con in both and first story gets pretty sad. :( Hope you enjoy if this is your thing!
ozmo Rating
Personally I loved this! Cute, funny, great art, but be warned that it touches on some dark subject matter. As the others have said, the second story (one chapter compared to the first story's three) is incest. Now I'm a freak so that's not a deal breaker for me, but the older brother's behavior /is/ pretty off putting. Borderline yandere really. But the story with the free loader is the real meat of the story here and it's great!
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