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boarhandles Rating
I agree the pacing is way too fast in this story, the childhood friends go from zero to ménage à trois in like the first 20 pages. Buuuut the threesome scenes are pretty damn sexy. The part were the FL realizes her love?it's one dimensional; pretty much just here for the smut, the story is an afterthought.
Risuna Rating
I love the artwork, love the idea for the story but I feel the first chapter's pacing is a bit too fast and I'm worried about the overall story will move too fast as well. Hopefully that's not the case and we can see love blossom between the MC and her two guys in a fully developed plot.
Guest Rating
Really cute 3P!
sandkitsune Rating
The story doesn't actually finish. What happened to the rest? What happens next? Begins quickly, and doesn't have a end.
Sighz Rating
I actually quite liked it. More smut than substance but still a bit of back story. I question it being completed due to the last paged of part 3… which leaves it feeling super incomplete and lost it a star