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Animelove Rating
So cute!!! Can't wait for the next chapter
Munree Rating
Absolutely adorable! Just started reading it yesterday and today a new chapter came out (?°▽°?) Cute, soft and even a little steamy at the end - this story worth re-reading it, very nice for the heart ?(。- ω -)
surita Rating
OMG that was so cute , the Art is Beautiful, the Characters were so funny and their Love story is so wonderful and pure. I hope the Author makes a second part from this Manga
RikasGrayWolf Rating
It's a beautiful read. Just read it. It's worth every penny/point.
Kazz Rating
I loveee this!! I cried a lot. Worth reading! Love is weird. Gaaaah.
weirdkid4444 Rating
Not a Bad Series I actually liked this. The beginning was a little slow for me but as it moved on i actually liked their relationship and the innocence behind it. It was a little faced paced so i kind of wish it was longer so we can flesh some things out but other than that this was a good read.
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