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Animelove Rating
So cute!!! Can't wait for the next chapter
Maevalily Rating
This was pretty good in terms of feels and art. I gave it 4 stars because I think many people would like it but it was definitely more of a 3.5 for me. Sweet stories like this I prefer reading in words rather than manga because a lot is left unsaid and you can't fit much, even if it's into 10 volumes. It would've been more developed and interesting as a book! Some complaints I have would be:1. The image quality wasn't as great as I'd like (compared to other mangas bought on the site). It was weirdly paced. 2. At times the story is nice and continuous, and then it just skips a huge part making me think I had missed an entire volume. 3. For those who like sexy scenes, this is not for you. 4. My fault that I splurged and bought it to keep but I think you should definitely rent this first! It can always be upgraded later. I don't think I'll be reading it again nor do I feel it's something I needed in my manga collection.
Jelibelli Rating
Normally I stay away from any works that are teacher/student, but this one hit all the right marks and didn't cross any lines, to me.
alexa Rating
communication is the key! glad hiyori overcame his fears and negative thoughts to talk through with makoto! overall it's such a soft and cute story, nice ending too <3
freshleaf Rating
Wow i cried like three times reading this. The art style is so beautiful first of all!! And every character in this story is so likeable. Such a lovely ending, though it did feel a bit rushed near the end but that's understandable. Would definitely reread this again. Also was hoping for a proper proposal scene at the end but hehe
Nanako Rating
I'm completely hooked, no way to run out of coins??
Racheru Rating
Lovely art and cute story.
Exclea Rating
The art is pretty cute. (Both the characters and puppies.)
Nashi4eva Rating
Soooo good.
Munree Rating
Absolutely adorable! Just started reading it yesterday and today a new chapter came out (?°▽°?) Cute, soft and even a little steamy at the end - this story worth re-reading it, very nice for the heart ?(。- ω -)
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