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jingleclove Rating
Very light story revolving around childhood friends Ten and Ikuo's budding romance. There isnt that much drama to it, and it is very simple storytelling, but this author has mastered that simplicity to make the characters charming. They're awkward around each other initially after their realizations, but still gravitate to one another because that's just what they're used to. I really like the art style when paired with the story, since it proves that sometimes you just need a breather from more intense themes, yet still enjoy what you've been given.I'd recommend to rent it if youre just in it for a light read, but by all means purchase it! I'm just an absolute sucker for this author's works. Extremely charming and awkward cast in each of their series.
HorseObsessed Rating
I REALLY LIKE this story ALOT! The artwork is pretty good, there's only one sec scene, but, it's not explicit. So if you're looking for smut, you won't find it here. It's just a cute, funny, slow burn story. I recommend this one. :()
pandaquit Rating
This author is one of my favorites! I really like their art style and storytelling, they're so heartwarming and wholesome! This is a very sweet story about childhood friends experiencing young love and also a touching story about family. After reading it, I'm curious to see a story by sensei about adults, just like ten's dad!
worldprinxe Rating
This was a very thoughtful and unique story. I really love this author's writing style.