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Chiara692005 Rating
The story is not the typical cliched plot student-teacher, true feelings develop bewteen the two MC. Art is very nice, MC are very beautiful with gentle looks. I have bought all the chapters permanent and it was really worth it, and I am looking forward to season #2. I give 4 stars and not 5 because it is censored.
princetheripper Rating
If you're into stories where the teacher is gay and finds a student in his house and he sits beside his student naked with only a towel covering his private part and when the student makes a move on him, he doesn't even attempt to push him off and just lets him do anything, then this is the manga for you. But if you're into stories where a student-teacher relationship actually matters rather than a teacher acting so unlike a teacher you might as well make him a student and the story would make perfect sense, then this manga isn't for you.
Cygnus Rating
Beautiful art! Good story, actually took time on characters development, and I like how story of their relationship continues after high school. I bought ch1-5 from another site because Renta didn't have this manga at the time. Had i known Renta would carry this manga, I would've waited to get it from here because it is much cheaper on Renta! So I bought from ch6 onward.
thewritinggirl Rating
I'm writing this whilst on chapter 17 and I'm absolutely LOVING IT. The art is stunning, and the characters are so lovable. Admittedly at the beginning things escalate quickly, but it becomes clear they love each other and gets super cute. Plenty of explicit scenes too. They both seem to have self-confidence issues which creates the occasional friction, but they're never petty arguments like in some manga, they're always legit and they always make it up to each other. Definitely worth the money, it's so cute and they're so perfect for each other!
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