User Reviews For: I Didn't Ask You to Make Love to Me! -The Man I'm Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star-


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mushrooms Rating
I love this series so much. Their relationship develops into something so wholesome, misunderstandings are actually talked through rather than festering for chapters on end, and characters working in the porn industry are portrayed in a much more sympathetic and understanding light than most pieces I've read involving sex workers. I'm definitely sticking with this one until the end, rooting for Natori and Seo the whole way there.
schixzotic Rating
This is the sweetest! Quite smutty but I love their relationship and the storyline.
Lewvina Rating
I love Seo's little side smiles! He's so damn happy. This is well written, and the art is amazing! I love these two!
simplys Rating
This story is really good. Doesn't disappoint.
Kmm07n Rating
The story just gets better and better for me; just finished chapter 12 and I'm so happy I committed to reading it. I love their unfolding relationship, and how much they communicate with each other. This artist is a master of sexy scenes, so if you're looking for a sweet and steamy romance, this is perfect for you! Definitely worth purchasing.
SadAsian Rating
So cute!
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