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Ashurichan Rating
I thought this was really good, but frankly I'm a perv so I can't stand it when there's so much build up to the MC's hooking up only to not get a decent smutty scene. I was so thoroughly disappointed with the end sex scene that it's completely soured my mood. If you're here for even one solid smutty scene go elsewhere. Otherwise this is great.
jingleclove Rating
A story about a sis-con, and his relationship with his younger sister's friend. Some blackmail of course coming from the friend when they have a reunion in college. Nothing out of the ordinary in that trope, I did feel like it was cut off too early in their actual relationship development though. There could have been another extra, or at least some more banter between Arisu and Miyako, because their friendship dynamic was interesting; just seeing her reaction at the end wasn't enough for me to be content with it haha.Like stated earlier, its nothing new, and the art's nice too. I just wished it could have a bit more development at the end since realistically speaking, only the extra showed them after they officially started dating.Shout out to the protective older brother trope:)
GregorIAN Rating
Blurb makes the tropes very obvious; however, it turns them on their heads and is self-aware. There are some times where it follows, and half-way through I railed against it being so stereotypical, but that's where it changed. Arisu can be surprisingly sincere. There's also more background to the characters than most of this trope provide.I also appreciate that both characters call out the worst parts of the trope and pointed address them, analyzing why they go the ways they do before proceeding. Sometimes communication makes all the difference. Could've done with a few more pages at the end to continue that scene, but I get why they cut it short.
lovablenobody Rating
Although the beginning was off to a really rough start the ending was so sweet! ?
basketoflemmons Rating
It was a little iffy at the beginning, consent wise, but it got really cute and genuine the further the story went. I liked it a lot!!
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