User Reviews For: The Beast Next Door Is An Animal In Bed! -My Scary Neighbor Is Kinda Hot!-


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SweetBeans Rating
I'm loving this one so far. An intimidating-looking guy who has a severe case of RBF but is actually super sweet? Count me in!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Five stars just because I love mean mug grump grumps soooooo much!!!! Tatsuji is just a big ball of nerves around cutie Mugi, the girl he's been secretly in love with who just happens to be his next door neighbor and fellow cat lover. It's cute. Not really anything special or a real story but it's still good. Kinda curious what will take place once the deed is done?
Avadrea Rating
Only read the first chapter(only one our) but this is really my taste. I love scary looking big men who are actually sweet hearts. It gets to the action fast but ends in the middle of their first heated moment. I can't wait for more.
yadira95 Rating
super scary guy who ends up being supper sweet paired with sweet short girl. very sweet
blueninja Rating
Super cute! I fell in love with this manga so quick!
Ladyofthecastle Rating
It's so cute!
Airista Rating
Such a cute and loving story so far! I can't wait for more to be added
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