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OzawaShuri Rating
Oh shoot...! This is interesting, aight take my money and give me more chapters, because this manga checks all the boxes
Seranwrap99 Rating
Great artwork! The characters are both very well drawn and both have entertaining personalities, I'm already really impressed! I love personal trainer plots and can't wait for more!
angelshoes Rating
The overall plot and main characters are very sweet, although a bit fast given the minimal background info. 4 stars because the uke is very frustrating to read. His fantasies are amazing, but he's got the seme in front of him willing and able and he's hesitating! Yuki (uke) is basically leading the seme on by continuing to accept his advances, but then pushing him away at the last minute. This is through ch.4 so far. I hope there's some resolution in the next chapter!
Rosasusannah Rating
This is very funny and the setting is interesting and fresh but Yuki is turning out to be an inconsiderate dick. Considering the sort of lighthearted tone of this manga, I feel surprisingly bad for Masaki. He honestly deserves better.
Amaridana43 Rating
The author really likes setting up kind of fun and interesting premises, usually based on a specific fetish, only to slap the readers in the face with absolutely unnecessary drama. I mean worse than the usual miscommunication tropes, and this doesn't seem to be much different. Read with the intent of not being invested.
Merlinkitsune Rating
How to be a tease in manga format lol. Love it can't wait to read more. Or see this from trainers perspective.
lovelyfoxerose Rating
It's a great book to read
kagome383 Rating
Dirty dreams while in front of the person. Now that's something else?
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