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This is equally cute and steamy. I also loved that it didn't end right after they acknowledged each other's feelings! I honestly have no complaints.
This is a true masterpiece. *kind of spoilers ahead, I'll try to keep it vague* I love the twisted drama and how Mioto has been handling the whole situation so far. Some main characters in possessive relationships do things that are really annoying but that's not the case here. Mioto is an honest, caring and relatable guy. He's a character that I have no problem getting behind. The story moves at a great pace. The character development feels natural (mainly Tsukihito's, Mioto doesn't really change or at least hasn't so far). All in all I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend it.
This is so cute! Even though the seme teases the uke, you can tell he's genuinely interested in him. I was skeptical at first after reading the reviews but now I'm definitely going to be upgrading all of them and I can't wait to see what happens next!
This is hands down 10/10 amazing! I loved the drama and the two main characters. Great take on the “stealing my sisters boyfriend” theme.
I wanted to like this and kept reading to see if it would get better but I really can't stand the seme. Basically all of their encounters are against the uke's will and I mean really against his will. I usually like a little resistance between a seme and uke but this was too much. The seme crossed the line in my opinion, but if you're really into BDSM you might like it.
Sooo good!! If you're looking for lots of hot and steamy scenes this story is well worth your time!
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