Seranwrap99's Reviews & Ratings

I'm loving this take on the omegaverse and can't wait to read more!
I love this! It's both hot and super cute! I adore how Leo grows to respect and crave Eito and likewise playboy Eito begins to fall for Leo. It's a classic opposites attract plot and I'm not mad about that at all! Being an omegaverse and having a showbiz setting is just the cherry on top. Worth every penny and I can't wait to read more!
Great artwork! The characters are both very well drawn and both have entertaining personalities, I'm already really impressed! I love personal trainer plots and can't wait for more!
One of my new favorites! I absolutely love the main characters, especially Haze! They're so well drawn too, the artwork is fantastic. Definitely worth the money if you're looking for a cute and smutty read with some humor.
I love everything about this!!! Very hot but the MC is also super cute! Definitely recommend purchasing!
I need more!! This is one of my favorites! It's the first story I've ever read where I keep checking for updates.
I need more!!!! Please update soon!
I like the artwork and premise a lot. At the same time, I'm very confused. Two other male characters that seem close to the main character just appeared out of nowhere with no backstory so I have no idea what's going on. It's only the first chapter so I hope there's an explanation in the future because otherwise I really like the story so far.
Good read, I'm glad I bought it! Overall cute story with a good amount of steamy moments.
It's cute, funny and steamy! The characters are great, especially the seme. I loved seeing the seme hold back and not take advantage of the ukes trust or vulnerability (although he kind of did in the beginning but it fits the sexy massage theme). This is worth every penny/point!
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