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I absolutely loved this! The beginning gave a bit of a rivals to lovers vibe but the rest of the story was incredibly sweet. Easily a new favorite of mine!
To clear up the non-con/consensual tags, the main couple is consensual (and hilarious) but there's a side character who repeatedly non-cons one of the main characters.
I'm so happy to see this on here!
I'm loving this take on the omegaverse and can't wait to read more!
I love this! It's both hot and super cute! I adore how Leo grows to respect and crave Eito and likewise playboy Eito begins to fall for Leo. It's a classic opposites attract plot and I'm not mad about that at all! Being an omegaverse and having a showbiz setting is just the cherry on top. Worth every penny and I can't wait to read more!
Great artwork! The characters are both very well drawn and both have entertaining personalities, I'm already really impressed! I love personal trainer plots and can't wait for more!
One of my new favorites! I absolutely love the main characters, especially Haze! They're so well drawn too, the artwork is fantastic. Definitely worth the money if you're looking for a cute and smutty read with some humor.
I love everything about this!!! Very hot but the MC is also super cute! Definitely recommend purchasing!
I need more!! This is one of my favorites! It's the first story I've ever read where I keep checking for updates.
I need more!!!! Please update soon!
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