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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok I wasn't expecting to love this one as much as I do but I do!!! At first I didn't like the art, but it's actually really good and the story pacing is very easy to follow. Both leads are likable even tho Shu gets kinda boring with his “I'm never going to be worth anything” attitude. Note to parents: don't belittle your children!!! I really need Reiji to confess already!!! I think he's been in love with Shu since their school days and I want his flashback POV !! Reiji is the best!!! Like wow!!
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
PERFECTION! Can you imagine? Honest conversations, smoking hot sex, fantastic writing, and no lightsaber penises!! Literally cannot be improved at all, perfection the whole way through; I'm super glad I bought instead of rented because I know I'm going to re-read this one until I wear it out completely.
Cygnus Rating
This is going to be interesting. Poor Shu.. tough luck guy.. unable to beat his rival even in bed. Looking forward to see whether Shu will eventually out do Reiji or not. Thumbs up for somewhat uncensored, made it much hotter! :D
Queenboo Rating
Cute, funny and steamy. Love me an assertive uke and the enemies to lovers trope gets me every time.
hotaruxgin Rating
I love the "rivals turned lovers" trope, so this really ticks off all my boxes!! Shu's competitiveness is really amusing and makes my heart squeeze <3 Loving this series so far (Chapter 3)!
Artbreaker Rating
Totally recommend it!I enjoyed the story and the art a lot.
zryRBvAs Rating
Art is good. All smut so far with the beginning of a story. Can't wait for the second chapter.