User Reviews For: A.R. Boyfriend -A 27-Year-Old Goes to Bed with Her Two-Dimensional Boyfriend!-


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msoccercat54 Rating
It was good until the plot twist. They betrayed the main characters trust and took the plot twist too far. It would have been fine if he was real and the company set them up or introduced them but what the company actually did was super messed up.
tm2yk Rating
Not that good.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Is she crazy? Or does Haruki love Aoi so much he manifested into a real guy? I don't know? But the art is pretty. Haruki is super cute!!! He's got sad puppy eyes, gah!!!! It's cute overall and moves along pretty quickly. I'll be staying tuned in.
briw Rating
I knew it! There's a twist in chapter 4 and I gotta know what happens!! I hope this series continues!! :)
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