User Reviews For: Carnal Desire Overflow -More Than Best Friends, Not Quite Boyfriends-


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Arision Rating
Super, super cute! I like that it's not your typical alpha/omega pairing, and I really enjoy that it's the omega pursuing! Looking forward to more chapters!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!!! How original!? I love this!!! Ok seriously very cute and very funny!!! These boys are a hoot!!! Made me chuckle quite a bit. Also I love that this was requited love :) and that what they have is so strong that they can overcome all the BS that comes with second gender problems. Also big spoiler, but that HEA is gold!!!! They have a family!!!!? Oh I wish we'd get one more chapter just of their life as adults!!! So good!!!
baristachan Rating
I really hope more people take the time to check this one out. If you're a fan of omegaverse stories but are tired of the same old “alpha has their way with an omega and that's how their love starts” stories, I definitely suggest this one! Cute, wholesome, sexy, and different. Glad I picked it up, and you should too.
SadAsian Rating
Oh my God! Its so cute! Good start to the story and ready for more.
SleepyJellyfish Rating
Very cute a little fast paced for my taste but the ending was so cute!!! ??????
thewritinggirl Rating
SO CUTE and that ending was so perfect!!! Both MCs are great characters, and Jin is my favourite because he's funny as well. This series is full of fun, romance and smut. Truly worth the points!!
StephieJay Rating
OMG! How cute was this story??! First, I looove how this was an omega/beta love story. Alpha/omega pairs are good, but this felt even better?! They are so evenly matched and it was such a feel good story! Seecond, the art was great and even though it wasn't long, it was satisfying. Altho I am with the other reviewer that wished for at least a bonus or extra chapter of them as adults. Even so, that little epilogue was THE BEST! Don't hesitate! Buy this series!