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Ashurichan Rating
This is fantastic! I hope it gets more volumes it's the kind of manga with side characters and history you want to know more about. I love the MC's too I want to read more of their story! Seriously worth buying out right so glad I did.
makmaklala Rating
I love this! The art is great, it's perfectly steamy and the two main OC's are so adorable! I love the mouse/fox dynamic and the progression of their relationship. Only the 5 chapters out of 6 are up so far, but I already wish it were much longer!
vanlee84 Rating
Omegaverse plus kemonomimi. Perfection! The story is very original, the art is pretty. Can't wait to see what happens next!
beefly Rating
So hot hot hot... plus super cute.
Satsu Rating
The best.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love how original this is!!! Art is incredible. I like the cheeky fox guy and the mouse guy is so cute and funny!!! But I'm just blown away with the level of detail this mangaka put into this story and how layered it is and it's mostly just a really cute opposites to lovers smutty romcom. But so much more!!! I was completely entertained and I'll definitely be rereading this one again because I love the story and the characters, even the side characters!
Kizz Rating
Good start for beginners who wants to get into yaoi.
Lunaria Rating
I absolutely love this story and the plot! I'm glad it was more than just sex and actually had a really good storyline too.
Guest Rating
Sweet, adorable and all around lovely! Their relationship and struggles just pulled me in. I simply adored this!
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