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Ashurichan Rating
This is fantastic! I hope it gets more volumes it's the kind of manga with side characters and history you want to know more about. I love the MC's too I want to read more of their story! Seriously worth buying out right so glad I did.
makmaklala Rating
I love this! The art is great, it's perfectly steamy and the two main OC's are so adorable! I love the mouse/fox dynamic and the progression of their relationship. Only the 5 chapters out of 6 are up so far, but I already wish it were much longer!
vanlee84 Rating
Omegaverse plus kemonomimi. Perfection! The story is very original, the art is pretty. Can't wait to see what happens next!
beefly Rating
So hot hot hot... plus super cute.
Satsu Rating
The best.
AllyF Rating
such a good read!
mochi Rating
UWAHHH THIS IS SO CUTE ??<3333 and I laughed at all the chapters, ukano-San is so cunning but caring too , I'm so glad I bought this!! And it's slightly different than the typical a/b/o story in my opinion, with a rly interesting character dynamic too!! I wish it was longer and even had more angst but I'm rly happy with this comic, thank you!!<33
Kiyo Rating
I love this story. Time after time I find myself picking up this series and rereading it again. The dynamic between them always got me laughing and wanting more. Totally worth getting.
Maevalily Rating
This story is too cute! The art is amazing, the story amazing! The consent ?? is amazing!! Anyway I can't believe that's the end I want more. I'll be waiting for this author's future works!
minimarie Rating
super cute and good story! enjoyed the art style and wonderful steamy scenes..i love these characters and hope for more from this author
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