User Reviews For: Do You Hate Muscular Gentlemen?-Built for Her Pleasure-


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heyobromo Rating
You want this. You don't know that you want this but you do. Okay okay, muscle guys aren't to everyone's taste but how about people like me who strive off of himbos?! And that's why I'm really happy to see a story like this!!! Age gap and Bara?!? SIGN ME UP!!! Plot line looks surprisingly involved, and our FL is the kinda clumsy type you wanna root for. ML is *mwah* he's my favourite flavour. You like muscles? Silly plot lines? Tasty smut? Overt consent? Then give this one a chance! It's at least worth the first chapter, in my opinion.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Lmao!!!!! This girl hates bodybuilders because of her three older brothers. She's never felt welcomed in her own home because she's the only girl. Annnd just when she thinks she's found Mr. Right, turns out to be too similar to her brothers?! Lol!!!! I think one bro may have a sis-con vibe going on. The art isn't really my favorite but it's pretty funny. Not sure if I'll keep up with this, but next chapter will be deciding factor.
Jener Rating
Enjoying the story between the characters.
MaxiCoco Rating
I wish there was more. I would have loved to see a wedding scene.
ilovemybakugo Rating
This is an interesting book
Guest Rating
So good!!!! I have read it 3 times and cannot wait for the next chapters... i need to know what happens. I'm not a muscle guy kinda gal but, yes!
Grudgegirl532 Rating
So far I really like this one it's funny, has a good pace to the storyline, and it's not afraid to talk about The FC's issues and trauma. Overall I think this is a solid good read.
hempress Rating
so I'm not super into big muscle dudes in real life, but I'm obsessed with bara dudes in love manga! this is a super cute story so far of two people clumsily stumbling into romance - loads of funny and cute moments will leave you rooting for the main characters!
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