User Reviews For: Loopy Peeps! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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krazybit Rating
Just a bunch of dudes who enjoy sex a lot haha
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was way cuter than it should have been lol!!!! Two sets of bffs, one set are also fwb and the other set are childhood friends. Love how they're all bi, except Chiharu. And that 4P scene, wowza!!!! Gosh this was wild!!! These guys are young and wild and super duper horny, but are so sweet and want it all! The hot sex and the lovey dovey romance!!! Just really fun and no joke hard to put down lol
Tintinabule Rating
I hesitated between 4 or 5 stars, but gave it 5 cause it's funny, light, hot and i'll definitely read it again. The story isn't really deep, but it fits with the characters who are easygoing and just think about having fun. It's nice to see the transition to relationships and that the MC remain themselves while adapting to each other.
candy Rating
You clearly don't choose who you fell in love with.
lovesfiction97 Rating
I agree with that reviewer that said this was generic. It's not bad, just "meh." And the blonde MC in the first couple is kind of annoying tbh.
sarahgayflint Rating
Honestly, it's pretty generic, but it's got a 4p so...
SadAsian Rating
Cute. Best friends meet Best friends and party hard. I like how the story ends
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