User Reviews For: Mitsuru The Provider Stops Providing [Plus Digital-Only Bonus Page]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Awww I love clumsy love !!! Both stories focus on unconventional lovers. The first is about two men who live to serve their partners with nothing in return. And the second one is about a man who wants to checkout of the living world but unintentionally gets swept up by his playboy neighbor. Both are pretty cute and I love the art!!! But the main story is probably my favorite :)
mahikokatoru Rating
It's not a bad read, quite good actually... just... all the ukes are a bit pathetic.
GregorIAN Rating
Finding out Mitsuru used to be a top was the icing on the cake for this hilarious couple. Sweet, simple, and funny - this is a great story and the second story/side story wasn't too bad either.
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