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BlackBelle Rating
Adorable! This manga has 2 couples, following 2 brothers and their pretend boyfriends. Both couples are sweet, and there's no real drama in the story, just some small misunderstandings. I very much enjoyed these couples, and would LOVE if there was another volume coming. So worth the read.
Vvinter Rating
A lovely story thats really shonen ai, not yayoi, but really nice. Highly recommended.
Mire97 Rating
Fulfills all yaoi dreams!
aliceanimelover Rating
This was so cute and wholesome! It's such a nice read when you get bombarded with a lot of forceful type of yaoi. I recommend it for all the fluff and drama. It is fast pace so some people might not enjoy the story as much.
Ashurichan Rating
Not as smutty as you'd expect but still brilliant. I feel rejuvenated!
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