User Reviews For: Liar Mate: Let That Scent Soak Deep Inside


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Cygnus Rating
Thank you Renta! I'm so happy it's finally here! I love omegaverse stories! This one is Not a great start in a relationship through arrange marriage and quite rushed too, but that's the fun of it, how it will develop into something beautiful overtime. Love the artwork ?
Seregil Rating
If you're squicked by the non/dubcon inherent in omegaverse stories and/or the non/dubcon still found in a lot of BL, and the synopsis has somehow not yet turned you off... click that Back button/close this tab right now. I'm at ch3, and there's a heap of badtouching all around (by multiple parties at this point). There's some plot going on: aside from the obvious 'how will the main pair get "together" together?', there seems to be some family/company politics also going on. I'm intrigued enough to continue.
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