User Reviews For: Wandering Border [Plus Digital-Only Bonus Page]


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Munree Rating
I love Aki Ueda's art and stories, and really hoping to see more of her titles here, because getting through Japanese is rather hard for me! As for this story - it's hot and full of feelings! Ake Ueda's art is too captivating, sometimes I can't get over the way sensei makes their hands move?
belovedless Rating
I did feel attached to the main couple. The cheating was not my kind of love story. There was a lot of pressure, manipulation, and dubcon. I wonder what the protagonist's life would have been like if he'd just stayed with his nice boyfriend.
GregorIAN Rating
Cheating, manipulation, and nothing actually solved at the end. The reasons why they broke apart remain the same, and all the weight in maintaining their relationship seems dropped on one person if future circumstances change. The whole 'it's got to be so-in-so' really doesn't mean much if timing and circumstances both need to be perfect to make that work.
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