User Reviews For: Mr. Right Turned Out To Be A Younger Woman!?


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ZaleioAmaa Rating
This fell so realistic. All the struggles they came off are true. Also, I love yuri mangas where they use the terms lesbian, straight, bisexual and all the sexuality. It's show that yuri is not just some fantasies you see on manga, but they are real people like.
RPPuzzle Rating
<p> Relatable given I'm 33-year-old lesbian and I feel like the next relationship needs to be the One. So this is something I could only hope for in my dreams, which makes me feel a bit bitter. If I didn't have angst about relationships, or if I was in a relationship, I would give this 4 stars. </p><p>Touches on the social climate for lesbians in Japan.</p><p> It's a real look at a forming relationship and the insecurities. But also the romantic and beautiful feelings that make you give it a chance. Felt like it'd have been better as 12 chapters to explore those feelings more.</p><p> 12 chapters could have also show both women's sides more, and maybe more physical intimacy (though what's there is right on and gorgeous). </p><p>Regardless, this manga is still quite good overall. </p>
kayneko Rating
Such a sweet read.I began reading this with the assumption that it would be geared towards the male gaze,but was pleasantly proven wrong.I wish there were more chapters though :(
DmlaS Rating
Everything I ever wanted in a yuri manga. I read the first couple chapters on another site before finding out that I could support the artist more directly here. I made an account just to finish the volume and buy it! It's romantic, realistic, and reflects LGBT culture so much better than a lot of other manga. Yet it wasn't just about "portraying LGBT lives" either-- it was a thorough STORY with romantic build up, it wasn't clinical or dry. The characters had depth and personality, and were just really sweet together. I loved that there were moments of sensuality without it ever feeling perverted-- the female gaze was REAL here y'all!! I can't wait to share this story with my girlfriend
lilianarose0502 Rating
I was bored to death looking for good yuri and I came across to this manga. I've read the first chapter somewhere else, but my curiosity got the best of me so I'm here to buy the rest of the chapters. I really enjoyed Shiina and Risa's story. I just wish there were more chapters ? Author please make more Yuri next time. I really dig these office lovers and age gap romance.
votoran Rating
As a straight guy: very relatable, nice dialogue, good comedy. The love interest is very cool in a blunt way and the drawings are attractive and clean, easy to understand. Their office rivalry is portrayed realistically and without obvious red flags. All in all, a story that anyone can appreciate.
cece Rating
I enjoyed how realistic & relatable the story is! Overall, a great yuri manga. I wish it was longer.
Neote Rating
Jee Rating
It's soooo good
I love this one! This was a wholesome but realistic portray of two women becoming a couple. One is more insecure than the other, but through communication and chemistry they decided to stay together and give it a try. The ending is particularly charming, with a bright future ahead of them. Thank you for translating this wonderful GL!