User Reviews For: Mr. Right Turned Out To Be A Younger Woman!?


4.8 out of 5

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Night243 Rating
Loved the story and characters! I couldn't stop reading from the moment I read the 1st chapter. I literally finished all 6 in one sitting.
nickel Rating
Such a sweet story! The art is beautiful and the storyline is handled so well! Tender and heartfelt!
tamavitch Rating
Well-written, realistic yuri. Short, sweet, and worth your time!
pricefield Rating
Incredible art and great storytelling!
GrimLuciel Rating
Absolutely loved this. Sweet, sensual and dealt realistically about age gaps and the realities of dating the same sex. I loved this. Also the art is super cute!!!
tachan Rating
Great story, I would love to see more Girls Love titles like this. Haruki and Risa are so cute together!
biggestrebel Rating
This was so cute!!!! I'd love 300 chapters of these two and their future life !!!! Very good progress between them and the pace doesn't feel off. Wish there were more yuri like this out here.
Kweenoh Rating
This is really great read but, um, when is the rest coming out? ??
hempress Rating
this is a really cute yuri series so far! a beer loving older woman and the serious up and coming company ace! love it and can't wait for more!