User Reviews For: A Steamy Romance Blossoms at the Secret Springs


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garnetCROW Rating
So I've gotten to chapter 5 (with the big reveal), and I am positively loving this story. The angst! The adoration! The betrayal! Being left behind and forgotten! So many feels!! So I went back and re-read everything from 1 to 5 again, and you pick up on all the little clues that Iharu's too dense to notice (the first, being Shin's name and how it sounds like the word for death). I so want this to work out for them. May there be many more chapters of this manga to come!
kyokobaby Rating
Wonderful art. And so far the story is just so sweet I wanna die!!
Soda Rating
The art is amazing and the main character is very funny. Like where the story is going and cannot wait for more chapters!
HiggsWay Rating
Art is really gorgeous. First chapter feels very sexy, can't wait to see how it develops
Nashi4eva Rating
This is good. I live how Haru just say how he feels openly worth the purchased.
FMK21 Rating
Uke is annoyingly dense, seme is kind of creepy (stalker) and the story is the same old "you saved me when I was little and that's why I love you when I am older". You figure it out after 2 chapters and there is no more to happen. Do not waste your points on this one - characters are lame, story simply not there.
radish Rating
So so so lovely and sexy and gorgeous omg-
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