User Reviews For: Megumi And Tsugumi [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Whatever Rating
This is the best omegaverse manga I have ever read. Tsugumi is my favourite omega character. Not the typical weak, uber gorgeous, damsel in distress. Just a tough bonehead that looks scary. But he can be loveable at times just because he's so clueless. Megumi is the classic alpha but sensitive and honourable, which makes him the perfect fit for Tsugumi. The supporting characters are well thought out and bring the much needed tension and comic relief. The manga is surprisingly sexy. The sex scenes are well drawn and it's always nice to see both participants enjoying it (not just one which is irritating in most smutty manga). I can't wait for the next book.
GrimLuciel Rating
hotaruxgin Rating
AHHHH IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Such a cute and sweet omegaverse <3
gcgirl0312 Rating
This threw me for a loop first. The dynamic between the two MC was great, very relatable. The story ends kind of sudden, so I feel like there is a lot of wiggle room to make a second story and I really hope they do.
velvetmelody Rating
Thank you renta! For licensing this wonderful manga! It's so funny! With plenty of laugh out loud moments and lots of omegaverse joy!
tttop Rating
Im the most happiest finally its here!!!!!! The way tsugumi understand how life works and his feeling towards megumi never fail to amaze me ? pleaaasee tell me there are more to come
MioAkiyama Rating
Hands down the funniest and best omegaverse manga I've ever read. You think that omegas should be cute slim and all so vulnerable? Wait till you meet Tsugumi the omega with his iconic ironpipe. He beats up Alpha yankees during his heat and taunts the alphas like it's just another ordinary day to him. Just because he can fight and kick Alpha yankee asses deep down Tsugumi is still an Omega that lust over an Alpha and none other than our Yankee Megumi that Tsugumi wants to literally beat the shit out of him for making him feel "weird" as an omega.I 100% recommend you to read it, it's full of comedy and also the smut scenes came in at the right time, i love how slowly the plot develops and see how our two ML eventually get together
Mrsmangame123 Rating
There's gonna be a continuation right? Right!??? So good!!!! Every 5 star review is spot on. This has everything. It's got great art, amazing characters (main and secondary), fresh content and it's so funny with bouts of cuteness and swooning throughout for good measure. Megumi is yum!!! He's smart, cool level headed alpha, but he can't suppress his feelings for Tsugumi the brassy, tough untouchable omega. I love Megumi's pov the most!!! Need more of these two and their world.
Rainii93 Rating
Seriously one of my absolute favorite series. I think I've read all released chapters at least 4 times. I cannot wait for Vol. 4 to release. The series is hilarious and simply fun.
HattaHaigha Rating
Every single chapter in the story is perfect and I love it! Can't wait to read the continuation