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Hyliana Rating
So, it's a trainwreck... but an entertaining one. I was considering making a drinking game of taking a shot every time the story added another problematic message or value to the story, but I realized I would die of alcohol poisoning. It's great if you want to experience a shamelessly smutty fever dream, though. Just don't take any of your morals from this, or consider this an example of good writing by any metric.To be honest, though, I don't think this story was trying to be anything more than contrived sexual fantasy wish-fulfillment smut. As such, I rate it 5 stars. It was endlessly entertaining, albeit in an extremely shallow way - like looking at a compilation of the craziest, most unhinged individuals on social media and their bizarre shades of problematic takes. Alternatively, one could also take joy from this if they wanted a quick fix of dub-or-non-con. I know that I, too, have enjoyed fantasizing about things that would not be fun if they happened to me in real life.
makmaklala Rating
So I love the quick pace of the plot, it's just the right level of explicit, but incase you aren't aware (because I only just learn this yesterday), THIS IS ALSO A SHORT ANIME!I thought I was dreaming. The adaption is only until about the 8th or 9th chapter of the manga with no signs of continuing, but it's almost just as explicit if you want to watch it as well! Just as an fyi to any other horny bunnies out there ?
BLloverCassirole Rating
I love this manga. I was hoping to find some way of actually owning this and now I can. So happy this is on here and would definitely recommend this to any yaoi lovers
Celfox Rating
This is the first BL I've read after I saw a snippet of the anime, I really like size difference so I thought I'd give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised by the relationship in this, very hot intimate scenes and good plot.
Angel0y Rating
Not usually one to be into Yaoi, but so far this one has caught my interest. It has beautiful artwork and an interesting story so far.
victoriae Rating
The plot is interesting and different than what I've read before. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
Arcadia Rating
Really great read and can't wait to see how the relationship develops. What adventures are instore. ?