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thewritinggirl Rating
This got better and better with each chapter. Both characters are lovable, it really played with the heart strings, it was super cute and there's plenty of great smut. There's one bit that I suppose is non-con but it's resolved perfectly. Would 100% recommend buying it.
ebookrenta04mganvl6 Rating
Really intriguing so far
Sachmet Rating
This is one of the best stories in my collection.
jellybelly Rating
Sweet, caring teacher. Funny dynamic btwn the student & the teacher. It's not non con bcz Yukimura is selling his body anyways. Up to ch. 5 at least (my latest read). And I'm glad he's of age n they're no longer in student & teacher role unless that's your thing.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Perfection, beginning to end!! Writing is stellar, the art is lovely, and plenty of excellent smut.(warning, one dub/non-ish con scene, of course, I guess. At least this one didn't bother me too much)Continued sad noises for all the lightsabers, I wish Caramel would change over to the same style that some other publishers use that isn't a complete whiteout.
fuyuyume Rating
It's so sad, Great art. Still sad I wonder if the teacher will ever know he is the one to take his virginity. That listening to rumors in school can mess up a bunch of things.
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