User Reviews For: Let Me Sleep with You, Haruomi!


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Lmfao!! This story is so funny!!! Girl:Be my body pillow!!! Boy: umm sure?? * minutes pass boy gets hornyGirl thinks oh no I have to go along so he'll keep being my body pillow. Lmao!!!! More please!!!!
boarhandles Rating
Cute n consensual. I've read through three chapters of this and it is seriously adorable. Not only is the art very good, but the story somehow manages to be super hot as well even though they only get so far the first 2 chapters. It's like you can feel the anticipation for both characters?she wants a pillow and he wants her body, lol. But then they both realize they want each other. They're really polite to each other too which is super precious. I love it and can't wait for the story to get a little spicier!
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