User Reviews For: A Straight Guy's Threesome -Two Guys Are After Me-


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SadAsian Rating
I'm gonna be upset if they don't all end up together
animepie Rating
I just can't stop laughing. This is all 3p kinky pwp. The uke is all for the kinky sex and the two semes are willing to oblige with dominating him. I keep laughing at how Keiichi would even think to get out of this relationship when he's such a sucker for all these kinky plays. His denial is weaker than a toothpick. This story is pure threesome smut. Toys, bondage, punishment, denial play, exhibitionism.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Absolute 3P perfection. Doesn't bother with too much boring side stuff, just gets right to the point, it's sooo good. Don't read this expecting depth or plot, but the writing is still good enough that nothing detracts from the smut, just smooth, hard perfection, hahaha.
thewritinggirl Rating
I'm writing this review at chapter 6, and this story is the definition of HOT. There is plenty of heat, all three guys are gorgeous... It's good stuff for sure.
Yaha21 Rating
Love story with artwork of them have sex with each other
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