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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love the friendship between Dai the lovable airhead and Yoshiro the popular “loser.” I'm loving Yoshiro's POV!! He's struggling with wanting to get his true feelings for Dai out in the open but thinks that will only lead to his own heartbreak:( I love the art and these guys are cute!!! Thinking Yoshiro probably won't have a hard time convincing Dai to give him a try tho ;). Can't wait to see where this goes. It's cute and funny!!!
ChiiMotosua Rating How is that an ending?!? I'm upset now that I wasted time and money on this. It was cute, but the ending was horrible. It just ended. We don't get too see them develop or have any actual relationship. There's nothing. This is ridiculous. Don't read this - you won't be satisfied at all.
jadeblossom Rating
I would rent at best. The ending really ruins the flow of the previous installments and leaves you very unsatisfied. It's not worth it unless you don't mind a major let down.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
cute story, very lovely art, funny, but there's zero smut.
Sarnokh Rating
Funny character, a bit unusual with two airheads, I wishe there was some more, how their relationship develops on, but I enjoyed it. :)
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