User Reviews For: Mr. Wolf Is Violently Smothering Me with Love


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monicaamer Rating
Love the story, can't wait for the next update and the next adventure that comes.....
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Pure smutty smut goodness lol!!!! It's omegaverse baby!!! I love :D
Sarah Rating
Really good but need more to read
KoolKat9 Rating
For something tag non con I did not expect it to be this cute. Usually I stay away from non con but a lot of reviews mentioned how sweet the main couple is. If anything I'd say it's more like dub con than non con and is only really at the beginning. Even then it was more like reluctance than an outright 100% "no" which yeah is still iffy, but better than other stories I've seen/heard. But trust me. If you can get past that in the first two chapters it's a very worthy read. It's not just smut, but also a lot of sweet fluffy moments between the couple. We see them go on dates and spend time together outside of sex which I feel doesn't happen as often as I would like in stories like these. Anyway, very cute read. Worth it.
Citrine Rating
Too cute! What a sweet ending... Nice artwork, too.
Thea Rating
I loved it ????????
animepie Rating
If you can get passed the dubcon/noncon in some places, this is an absolute gem. They're so cute and lovey-dovey and just plain sexy. I want mooore. I want to see them married. I want them to have pups.
Guest Rating
Super cute
Ayala55 Rating
I love it so much!!!!! Of course since you picked this up, you probably like therianthropes, so I can tell you it's hot, it's beautifully drawn and the emotions are delectable, this might be my new favorite since it checks off on good emotions, good plot, hot characters, and a good relationship!
Ren Rating
This is so fluffy and cute, they have such a happy relationship where they try to communicate and they really care for each other every step of the way! I wanna read the next chapter already lol