User Reviews For: You're My Prey - I Can't Believe I'm Being Eaten by an Herbivorous Rabbit!


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Atlasy Rating
I will try to be objective here. The art is nice and the premise is interesting with an herbivore being the top. The racey scenes were drawn well and are alluring. The ending of the first chapter left on a cliff hanger that will leave some readers wanting more.For my personal taste, I do not like non-con. When they said the male was in heat, I was thinking he was in heat the way its shown in omegaverse as in the top cant always control themselves. I did not get that vibe here. Here, the top seemed very conscious of the assault they were committing. Seeing how the bottom's feelings were disregarded and consent nonexistent, I do not feel interested enough to continue. If you like reading the trope where the relationship starts off non-con and then progresses to romance (which is what I think will be done here), then this is for you. Ch. 2 is more of the same under the guise of herbivore teaching carnivore to hunt. If you don't want to read non-con, skip
JaymeyL Rating
I enjoyed this manga immensely I loved the art it definitely had me going I couldn't stop reading all in all I give this manga five stars out of five stars almost makes me wish there was a branch off like there was another Side Story but still it's a really good manga to Great manga
SadAsian Rating
BringMeTheSmut Rating
The art is beautiful and the story premise is interesting.
Chiara692005 Rating
Super cute! I really like this manga. The chemistry between the two MCs is at HIGH LEVEL, smut scenes are really hot and the art is excellent. I also like so much as a sweet and aching feeling (of love? ) is developing in the plot. As usual, I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 because of the (annoying) light sabers....
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