User Reviews For: Can a Floral Designer Seriously Get the Better of an Ex-Bad Girl Like Me!?


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boarhandles Rating
This series has everything: hot male lead, cute and funny female lead who is trying out a full makeover to be more femme, lots of consent and sexy times, and beautiful art! Feels like the ML has an interesting back story. He's a super popular instructor but he falls for the FL's “pure smile” I love how sultry he gets when his switch is turned on. I can't wait to read more!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I really love this!!! A not-so-long-ago former yankee who doesn't want to be left behind does a Eliza Doolittle glam up in the pursuit of becoming a real fancy lady and fall in love and find her HEA. It's adorable how simple minded she is about finding her very own HEA. I've had a suspicion that this guy is hiding his own dark past for a while now and I so so so hope I'm right about it being that he too was a former bad boy!!!! Like please two ex-delinquents finding each other?! Yessss!!! But I suspect that he remembers her from her former glory days and she's gonna be in for a real eye opener. Hehehe can't wait!!!!
hempress Rating
this was really cute - a fun quick read!
BunnyUsagi Rating
It was sexy and an adorable story line. So glad that she found the happiness she was looking for and he was being patient and understanding.
xcamyz Rating
Absolutely loved this! I wish there were more chapters though, I want to see them continue their life T_T
jenjen24 Rating
I loved this story point blank but I wish it had more chapters.
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