User Reviews For: No One Said Anything About a Baby! -What Happens When a Military Man Meets Alien Tentacles!?-


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Seregil Rating
I hesitate to leave a review at chapter 1, but some of you, fair readers, just miiiight have a problem with "I maybe 12 in Earth years, but..." so here I am to save you a dollar. He looks like an adult, acts like an adult, has an adult career, is in-canon considered an adult by his society, but he's ~~~12.~~~ (Honestly, the detail is a little jarring even for me.) But I'm here for wacky hijinks and wacky tentacle smut. I'm not holding my breath that it'll turn out all 'consentacles' (sans the usual problematic BL tropes) or that it'll get anywhere beyond PWP (alien diplomacy? let's get some political intrigue in here!), but I'm absolutely willing to be surprised.
Noonebell Rating
Only one chapter out as I'm writing this review.It's a rather quirky beginning with aliens coming to earth, sharing technology with the idea that humans will assist with their procreation. The two leads seem pleasant, both in personality and looks.Some non con themes but over all seems interesting. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.
LaylaT Rating
Not gonna lie, I like tentacle Yaoi and have no problem with Mpreg so a little biased. But nothing yummy happens in chapter 1 other then some non-con touching starting at the very end. And a great mini explanation of how mpreg alien babies are possible. Lol. The Alien is cute and not intending to be malicious at all but warning for the non-con start to things. I don't have an issue with any of that and plan to keep reading but I hope things get good and turn around in the next chapter. However, what threw me and messed with my head is apparently aliens "mature quickly" so the alien is an adult on his planet but 12 in Earth years. That caused me some issues. So 3 stars for now based on what I saw. But I have high hopes it will be very cute and sexy and I wanna see that baby!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hehehe more please :DAliens, tentacles, mpreg and killer art? Oh yeah I am here for this 100%!!!!
Celtic Rating
A good story. Beware of taboo story line!
RayRay Rating
This is adorable. There is some noncon in the beginning, but the relationship builds slowly and there is communication between the two partners. The plot makes sense and is there to keep tension while not being too heavy. And the couple is precious. This is the first series on Renta that I'm jumping at new releases.
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