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ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Really really good
6384927 Rating
Description doesn't mention that they're in high school - MC says he's been posting videos online for "a few years" so that would be a middle schooler posting sex videos online. which makes this plot a lot more uncomfortable. My fault for not checking the preview pages I guess. Even beyond that, the writing isn't that good either to make up for the bad premise.
princetheripper Rating
Omg this is surprisingly good! Came in with low expectation and this blew my mind!
BLobsessed Rating
The two of them are so freaking cute! Fumito is so refreshingly straightforward and blunt about his likes and dislikes, and that really helps propel their relationship. He's the type that's weak to his desires, but not in an unhealthy way.
Gin Rating
Hot and smutty, and the plot in later chapters gets pretty interesting. Can't wait for more!
reyji Rating
This was so horny and cute?? The boys are dumb horny high schoolers that get up to shenanigans with each other, and it's pretty hilarious how each time, on like, SOME level they both realize, "wait, doing this is actually a big deal!!!" but they're both pervs with crushes on each other and they do it anyway, lol. I'm a fan of how each misunderstanding is less because they lack courage and more because they lack experience, and things get resolved without too much unnecessary drama. The ending was very cute and not quite what I expected, I don't think I've read the "he's straight and has a crush on someone else" misunderstanding resolved so simply, sweetly, and satisfyingly in a hot minute. I wanna see more of these cuties!!!side note: i saw another review mentioning the ages, and yeah that bothered me too (bc its def a plot hole), but i think its easy to overlook that bit and enjoy the rest of the story. please give this story a chance!!
highviiscosity Rating
A really good read! The art is super cute and the characters have a nice dynamic
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I saw a review already that said "really really good" and OMG YES! It's definitely everything I like!
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