User Reviews For: Rough and Tumble Hana and His Lovey-Dovey Boyfriend


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love it!!!! Favorite trope and it is delicious!!! Ok Hana and Wataru are childhood friends and super close and both are so adorable and likable. I can just gobble them up!!! They both blush like crazy and it just makes go squee!!! I love that they are on the same page. I love that they are going at their own pace, but whoa nelly they definitely just turned up the heat lol!!!! Also Hana's older brothers Kiyo and Také are hilarious and take brotherly love to a whole new level, like they seem reaaaaaally close. Hehehe!!!! Also hands down some of the most beautiful art ever!!! Love the style!!! Can't wait for more!!!
AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
Love it! The art is absolutely beautiful and the characters are cute. Then there's the main characters brothers who are hot as hell almost to the point where I wish this story was about the three of them. Like the boyfriend is cute and all and they are adorable together, but he's kinda boring. Wish this was more of a brothers kinda story, but cute either way.
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