User Reviews For: More Melty Kisses [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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MioAkiyama Rating
Very sweet and persistent Riku that doesn't give up on Ryo despite rumors and their age gap. Bosco Takasaki's stories are always happy at the ending and always super sweet. I love it and highly recommend it!!
Renshel13 Rating
Ugh I could read about their lives forever. I hope the artist gives us a third volume. I love this couple.
wascallywabbit12 Rating
Oh my god, a great sequel. I love the art, the story, and they super spicy scenes. Their relationship is so cute, they are a great couple.
toomuchmanga Rating
A really great sequel to Melty Kiss! I felt like this one was a lot more emotional than the last. I really enjoyed it!
Nashi4eva Rating
This was amazing!
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