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Chikaru Rating
Read this up to the current chapter at the time of review: Chapter 4.Another good Dom/Sub manga that I come to love.About the Yuma, a sub who only wants pain paired with Mao, a dom who does not want to inflict pain on the person he cares about. Both of them got into a short contract to help with the "training" for Yuma as a sub because only bites from Mao can satisfy him. Love to see how they develop and mature as their secondary gender together.If you love Dom/Sub, do give this a try.
aiyimi94 Rating
I hate to admit it too but I really felt this chapter was just a waste of time and points. It was super short compared to some of the other Manga I've read on here... The preview made it look interesting but I feel like I got my hopes up for nothing. Nice artwork at least.
lovesfiction97 Rating
I'm sorry, this was so meh, at least judging by the first chapter. Maybe it gets better as it goes on.Everything happened in the blink of an eye and the premise is so difficult to take even slightly seriously.I might be being a bit harsh on it but the 5 star raised my expectations and then actually reading it dropped them down again lol.
Makintosh96 Rating
This is a beautiful manga - the art is spectacular, the story is sweet, and the two main characters Carr about each other so much, it's so endearing!!! 100000% recommend!!
WeGoRealBAD Rating
Love everything about this manga!! I read it twice I love how the sun is not afraid to express himself
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