User Reviews For: Consort To The Fox Spirit Lord


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MaxiCoco Rating
I am hoping for lots more chapters. This is really cute and fluffy! I can't wait. Good sense of humor too.
Sushibunni Rating
So far the first 2 chapters are great, our female lead is super adorable and has the ability to see spirits even though she's terrified of them. But she has an affinity for fluff and guess who's got that?! Our male lead! A very attractive and sly fox who's developed a strong interest in our FL. I'm a huge sucker for the sadistic boyfriend dynamic. I'm also a big fan of the anime kamisama hajimemashita so no surprise that I love this story so far! My only critique is the smut scenes could be a bit more detailed, particularly on the male lead. But I'm only 2 chapters in so I'm sure the scenes will get spicier! I highly recommend this series so far! The chapters are very long too!
CieL Rating
Well okay, since I can't find the last chapter yet on another web manga but already fall in love with this hottie fox, here I'm purchasing the last chapter. Boy it's super hot, the foxy ML super charming. Afterall it's nice and both the story and art quite okay. The plot grow slowly and suddenly bam in the final IMO
Anon Rating
Usually not the biggest fan of spicy manga but this has definitely been a fascinating read. Needless to say I ended up getting a friend hooked on this to where we theorize what might happen next. Overall, it's a fun read and would definitely recommend
zombifiedxlover Rating
Great hook... Then as the chapters progress it starts to lose interest or oomph... Looking forward to character and story progression... Pressure intended