User Reviews For: My Mean Master Makes My Body Melt


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Makintosh96 Rating
The sex is great, the art is great, the story is KINDA there I guess. But with this kinda story, I'm not bothered if there's a good story or not cause the sex is hot
Ella Rating
I love this series and want more chapters
CuteCherry Rating
If you've read Good Job Young Master by this author then you'll recognise these two. It's getting good for sure, and I'm intrigued to see where it's going. The only thing is that I can't take the maid outfit seriously, it looks so weird... But asides from that it's a good yaoi!
stan123 Rating
Beta butler x fboy seme but its delicious.
Carmen Rating
Its a very cliche story but one that never gets old.
WorkshoptheName Rating
That ending had me laughing, brilliantly hilarious! It was a cute story tho