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Makintosh96 Rating
Man this is good. I can't stop reading! I'm so glad they brought it to Renta! This seems like it could be one that goes on and on, but I don't even care cause I'm here for it!
KingGhodorahBoo Rating
Duuuuuuuude, this story is A C C U R A T E, as HELL! What I mean by that is, if I was in either of the two character's shoes, I would have had the same exact thoughts rubbing thru my head about my homie and I would have done the same thing! How could anyone, as a HUMAN not totally feel like they can relate to this story at every casual ass, misstep in every lil "confusing, new feeling" these guys get hit with ... From their bodies tho ahahaha changing the way they both view sex, gender norms, sexuality, and the structure of their friendship, esp. as best buds/fuck buddies, the cute story makes me feel like someone else gets it. I'd totally fuck my best friend if I was in their shoes! Hahaha love it. Also loving the realness in the choice of language for the characters, they keep it casual asfk! Also a huge plus is the graphic but still pretty modest art style! A perfectly cute almost obscene addictive storyline!
Salty Rating
I absolutely love this series! I'm dying for more chapters to be added. I thought this was a weekly or even biweekly updated series, but it's been a month since chapter 16 and I'm so sad! I want to see what happens next ? more chapters PLEASE!! ??