User Reviews For: Reincarnated As The Dragon's Personal Witch Doctor


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Vivi Rating
Its really great. I find it a little weird that the Dragon has tentacles, but it's good for the story. I want more of this! ?
Leatrixrmf Rating
This one is definitely one to get. Follows the usual isekai process, but fortunately hasn't too bogged down in the back story. The female MC seems relatively independent in spite of the fact the dragon has taken her captive. Agree with the previous reviewer about the dragon's tentacles - that's a new one for me as well. Take a star off if you're not a fan of dub-con.
HushImReading Rating
Funny and captivating. I am invested to see where things go for the MCs. A few pieces had me saying, "wait, what?" But overall those moments weren't jarring or off putting. I like the personalities of the FMC and MMC and it is a perfect balance for me of spice and plot.
Solara Rating
Its a bit misleading to label the male lead as a "dragon" when the story identifies his monster blood to be of a "soul eater", which perhaps falls into a "dragon-like" subsidiary in-universe, but, at a meta level, he doesn't have the same tropes I'd associate with a "dragon" (e.g. flight and fire breathing, not tentacles and controllable slime). Despite this "huh" detail, it's still a fun read, and I'm interested in how the relationship between our knowledge-hungry female lead and domineering male lead will develop. And the riveting, magically-enhanced explicit action, of course. Looking forward to future updates!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Bwhahaha!!! The ending of the first chapter is so good!!! But I seriously miss the long hair on the mmc lol!!!!
Cassy Rating
Gahaha! That was hilarious, there needs to be more, I feel like the MC right now with the lack of content please publish more, two tiny chapters is not nearly enough.
Moldybug Rating
More please!!!!
KitKatkute Rating
I loved it! I hope they continue the story! When is the next one coming out?!?!