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kyokobaby Rating
ooh what's this, a new work by my favorite author of unconventional but very hot BL? shut up and take my money!
Catattx13 Rating
How do I erase the memory of the story and reread it again like new X a million?! This was amazing and hilarious and I need everyone to read it. If you're a fan of the manhwa Punch Drunk Love (on Lezhin!) this will have you gripped with the giggles! Hilarious misunderstandings and multiple POVs, are the name of the game, plus big tiddy muscle himbo hunks…. WHO BOTTOM! AHHHHHHHHHH. My head was thrown back with full blown donkey brays from the situations, and their dialogue was fantastic and so unserious. Delicious panels of tiddies and juicy butts galore! Plus, the characters themselves are so cute. Two couples, a manbaby, swiss cheese communication, lechers, muscle and glasses fetishes, ridiculous scenarios and sooooo much consent it was refreshing. Please, take a chance on this treasure!
lovesfiction97 Rating
It's good!
Berrylogan03 Rating
I enjoyed this so much that I'm going to reread it… for the third time.