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Nmtgirl Rating
Just once, I'd like the story about a woman who can't have children to end with, "and they loved each other forever anyway" instead of, "and because they gave love a chance they ended up having a kid anyway which is the only possible good ending." Women are more than their uterus! They can have fulfilling lives with love, friendship, and personal success and it doesn't have to include kids! This book would have been 5 stars for me if not for that.
1ch1me Rating
After reading it, I now get why the title is Sale or Return Bride. It's a story that revolves around the feud of two families, Fiorukis and Philipos family, which also brought Alesia and Sebastien together. Alesia was summoned by her grandfather after 15 years with no contact at all because he wants to exact revenge on the Fiorukis family. He's such a cruel father to his son and likewise, to his granddaughter, too. He's now 'selling' Alesia to the son of their family rival by making them marry each other. You'll see how they met and why Alesia is the right person to her grandfather's revenge on the Fiorukis family, when you read the preview. But, I'll say this, when you read the whole story, you'll see how Sebastien is attracted to her and you'll also discover something about what happened 15 years ago. Overall, it's a great story to read with such an awesome artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! What a joyful, miraculous ending! I definitely recommend it!
Majala Rating
Formulaic but touching and I really enjoyed this story!
lovemekyoya Rating
Romero and Juliet that had a happily ever afterJust hated that grandfather for his schemes
chicobaby04 Rating
when i first read this i thought romeo and juliet. i have read this manga several time i love it, it does have similar storyline to romeo and juliet but this one have better ending
bethelove Rating
Awesome Story - about two people coming together..
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