User Reviews For: The Long-Awaited Kiss


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ChineseGeekFTW Rating
This was cute and interesting. I was hoping there'd be more "climax" until they showed their feeling but I really liked it!
debimurr Rating
Short but definitely sweet and worth the ticket. Almost wish it was longer but then it'll cost more. All in all its drawn exceptional well. Can't wait to read more like this!
neha200 Rating
Since this is a one-shot it seems like everything progresses very quickly but it's better than it being dragged. Both mayumi & yuta are likable characters. Yuta seems likea jerk at first but you slowly learn that he's not a total douche. And usually I'm all for couples that have some history together so this was definitely my cup of tea. Also the art is pretty good except for that first girl he kissed; I don't know why but she looked like a cross-dressing guy to me. Other than that it's a fairly sweet love story that even has that little bit of jealousy we need for everyone to realize their feelings. This story was good enough for to have reread it at least 3x so far.
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