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maquila Rating
I...really didn't enjoy this. I love girls, and I love girls love, and so I'm going through and buying all Yuri on the site, but this one was just plain not good. The font they chose was horrible and hurt my eyes. The art wasn't great, and the story was often so disjointed it would jump around and I had no idea what was going on. It took me reading the blurb/description afterward to realize that Kaede was supposed to be poor (And while that was revealed in the story it was way toward the end - but she lived in a fancy house with what seemed to be staff? but maybe were parents? I don't know, everyone who isn't Minami or Kaede is faceless so it's impossible to tell anything.) Minami's face often goes super deformed and I just found it incredibly obnoxious. Also, even the premise of "girls making their mark on society" didn't seem to make much sense because it was just abrupt at the end (SPOILER ALERT) when Minami has her father buy Kaede's family business, and then it goes "women made their mark" and...okay...just by doing that? It felt really underwhelming. I was hoping for more sweet girls smooching girls and stepping under umbrellas but this was absolutely not it :/
YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a cute and heart-warming story! I can't wait to see what new yuri manga you all will publish next!
Very short but the resolution is straightforward and simple. I enjoyed quite a bit (although I agree that the fonts for the dialogue is difficult to read and distracting).
Lady Surreal Rating
So cute! Lovely story.
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