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ChineseGeekFTW Rating
Mayo, a single girl, who lives alone recently lost her grandparent and is now seeking to find a job. She decides to work at the Kitty Kafe, where it's more than just a cafe, but humans role playing cats.
snap23 Rating
I like the art, the leading lady is a bit stupidly nice but over all pretty sexy.
Sudowoodo204 Rating
It's a typical story of a waitress, Mayo, working with her sexually attractive male coworkers with the primary focus on the Cool Guy Shoichi and her bitter male rival for Shoichi's affections, Tsukasa. The male romantic rival is a small variation from the norm. It does include "Non-con", where there's "enjoyable" erotic scenes where Mayo is verbally non consenting throughout. There's plenty of sexual chemistry between Mayo and Shoichi but not romantic. The art style manages to be simultaneously cute AND sexy, the intimate scenes have good positioning but Mayo's facial expressions are just a tiny bit disconcerting. Because it's one of the earliest Renta's I've read it a few times and it holds up quite well, partly because of the multitude of scenes and art style
Kiara Rating
I wish I was Mayo, cat guys are not and the extra sensitivity to a guys touch would be nice.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Kitty males are always interesting. I say this was a good story but not memorable. I found myself hating one of the characters too.
frozen Rating
now that is an epic boy friend this is a really good book
Bibimap Rating
If you like diabolic lovers, you'll like this. The heroine is pretty much the same in terms of personality and her reactions to the things that get done to her, and the dudes pretty much treat her the same as the vampires in DL.
lovemekyoya Rating
I want a sexy guy to wear cat ears for me that would be totally awesome I love it so much Thank you for it being unlimited rental time yay
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