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BoredAsian Rating
If you want a short but sweet and spicy read, I would definitely recommend this! A story about a vampire who can't drink blood but with the helping hand of his lovely maid, who is also his best friend, is able to overcome his fear but with a few funny twists and plots.
Nora990 Rating
the best vampire manga i ever read hope there are more chapters
Sudowoodo204 Rating
4.5/5Chemistry: +1 - Akari and Tsukasa have great chemistry, they clearly want each other and Akari gives enthusiastic consentVariation: +1 - There's a threesome and toys!Value: 32 Pages - +1 There's about three scenes, each one four pages or so which is pretty goodQuality: +1 - The costumes and characters are drawn very nicely with lots of detail!Entertainment - +.5 - This was my first renta e-book and I haven't found myself rereading it that much because the plot is a bit cliche and boring, but I don't want to leave a 0 because it is something I wouldn't have a problem rereading again
Spriteygirl Rating
Meh, the steamy scenes were okay, but the plot was ALL OVER THE PLACE and the translation was very bad.
MadamMint Rating
Overall, it falls flat.
HorseObsessed Rating
The art is very good, story is also very good. Some of the dialog is off, but I really like this story I really like the ending. I'm keeping this story.
Ihadurca9 Rating
The overall story was cute. I'm disappointed with the sex scenes though. I expected something more extreme considering the summery and title.
blowkia Rating
Yeah it's not good.
Risuna Rating
It was okay. There's silly & fun scenes in the manga as well as what I guess could be called "sadistic sex." Also the story is a bit difficult to follow but in the end, everything makes sense... kinda... My main problem with the manga was the way it was translated. There are moments where if the wording was just slightly different then the scene would have had a more fitting atmosphere to it. In the end, I give it 4 stars because at least it was a happy ending.
leokatca Rating
Not worth the tickets, no actual plot and it just jumps from one implausible sex scene to another
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