User Reviews For: The Italian Billionaire's Bride The Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome III


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Nora990 Rating
love the story line how she never back down and keep challenging him
chicobaby04 Rating
this is defintely different manga from any other manga i have read from harlequin manga i really like this one its very cute, i found playing the chess game while vowing part funny they sure got carried away with the chess game who would have knew moving one chess piece without permission would lead them to marriage its really cute i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
love love these two people are meant for each other. They challenge each other in every way. I think that they were meant to find each other she is strong and honest and is up for the challenge of forming a bond with him before he gets bored. he is very smart gets bored easy which makes this couple unique and interesting to watch. it is a wonderful story.
Weeb4Life Rating
I don't get why this is so popular. The lead male's a despicable a-hole. He's manipulative, petty and spiteful, he uses leading questions and misleading wording to trick Kathy into saying or doing things involuntarily (it's how he tricked her into sleeping with him despite her protests! Scumbag!); when she tries to leave him bc she's sick of his bs he sleeps around with women even more than before he'd met her, then when she comes to visit him in hospital after he crashes his car, he insults her and kisses his ex right in front of her just to spite her! He keeps seeing his ex, frequently, but doesn't tell Kathy and even misleads her into believing he's cheating on her, all as a form of 'punishment'! Even his ex isn't exempt from his dicketry as he "sent mixed signals to her for fun". Where's HIS punishment?! Why does NOBODY call him out on his bs?! 1 star is for the lovely art and the 2nd is for Kathy, a poor girl who's too innocent and downtrodden to realise she's dating the devil.
nohface Rating
lovely story even to the end and how they up in a antagonist in it too =]
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